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Feeling overwhelmed with the financial aid process?
Developing a strategy is critical...we are here to help!

Given the knowledge and background I can make your experience less stressful through the college planning process; lessen anxiety while gaining knowledge, and bridging the gap to understanding.

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Having an understanding of the financial aid process is critical when planning for college & the student loan process.



Ms. Courtland is as best of people as they come! Her drive and willingness to help people is unmatched. Going into my freshman year of college, I didn’t have guidance on FAFSA or anything dealing with school. Everyday for about three weeks Ms. Courtland made it her priority to get me enrolled before the beginning of the semester. Not one complaint! Very professional and organized! Ms. Courtland wasn’t my assigned counselor but still took on the role to help me get situated.  I am now a graduate student at Auburn University. Had it not been for Ms. Courtland, I’m not sure where I’d be! She’s the definition of THE BEST!

David Whitlow


Ms. Tiffinai Courtland is prompt, professional and competent regarding all areas of the FAFSA process and finical aid. After one informational session she quickly tailored my finical aid needs to the available work study, grant applications and loan options available to me. She was patient with me and answered any questions I had as well as addressed concerns I had regarding my loan availably time line, FAFSA deadlines and school aid offers. She gave expert advice on additional resources I could use to fund my undergraduate degree that included book scholarships, housing grants and honor student work study opportunities. She is very compassionate about her work and continually helps you throughout the FAFSA process from beginning to end. She even helped guide and advise me through my FAFSA exiting process upon graduation. I highly recommend her services for any finical aid needs, questions, concerns and consulting.

India Oliver


When I contacted T&T Consulting I had over $90,000 in defaulted student loans with 3 different financial institutes all paying over $200+ a month. I contacted Ms.Courtland and she helped me consolidate all my defaulted loans with over 3 lenders into one consolidated loan with one lender.  Through this process my credit report was updated and I am also allowed to receive my tax rebate. I'm now also able to return back to school to complete my college education.

JaQuita Maddox


Miss Courtland was remarkable for me. She was the key factor in me consolidating my loans. They're out of default. I was able to receive my income tax refund that would not have been tangible if it wasn't for her.

Adreanne Hardy


Like alot of people, I mishandled college my first go around. I was young and made alot of mistakes, so once I was ready to go back and finish what I started, I had complications. My loans were all defaulted and my transcripts were locked because I owed the school. Attempting to rectify the situation for me proved to be extremely frustrating and unsuccessful. I contacted T&T Financial Aid Consultants and Ms. Courtland was able to uncomplicate my situation. She was able to promptly pull all of my loans out of default and get them consolidated, and I was not required to immediately start payments. This allowed me qualify for further aid, and I was able to enroll in school the very next semester. I have since graduated and I'm successfully working in my field, I thank T&T Financial Aid Consultants helping me achieve a 2nd chance.

Christopher W.


Hello everyone. I received a student loan consolidation from T&T. So, now instead of having several different lenders, I only have one. With only having one lender I was able to get a lower interest rate which makes my payments more affordable. The customer service was amazing, everything was explained in detail. She was very knowledgeable about the process which made me feel very at ease. I would definitely recommend her services

Tamirah Dotson
Very happy customer.

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